How to Deal with Difficult Debtors

If you are a creditor, you have likely dealt with a difficult debtor. Collecting money from them may be a rather complicated process. It doesn’t have to be a stressful scenario if you know what steps to take when these situations arise.

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Collection Attorney Versus Collection Agency

Money lending is always done in good faith, whether you’re the one loaning money or the one asking for a loan. Due to different circumstances, however, people often fail to make good on their loans, leading to debt. Before long, someone will be knocking on the debtor’s door, trying to make a collection.

If you find yourself either as a creditor or debtor, you’ll probably wonder whether your should approach a collection attorney or a collection agency.

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Collection Attorney for Both Lender and Creditor

Are you tired of having to constantly dodge calls from your creditor, constantly following up on when you’ll be able to pay back the loan you made? Or are you the one calling the slippery debtor who can’t seem to have the decency to at least respond to your queries regarding their loan? Continue reading Collection Attorney for Both Lender and Creditor