How to Handle Difficult Debtors

As a business owner, there are all sorts of aspects you have to manage on a daily basis. Among your most important roles lies in debt collection. Make sure debtors pay the full amount owed by taking these measures. This ensures the long-term health and success of your company. Continue reading How to Handle Difficult Debtors


How to Get What You Are Owed from a Client

When people think of collections companies, they think of a debt collector calling an individual about a past due car payment or mortgage payment. Today, businesses are also turning to collection agencies in increasing numbers to protect their bottom line. However, it is important that a business understands best practices to get in touch with the right account receivable personnel from a debtor company as well as methods to get what they are owed.
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Understanding Commercial Collection

How good you are at collecting payment from your clients would tell a great deal about how fast your company’s growth can be. This underlines even more the importance of having a good collection system in place.

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Commercial Collections and the Rights of Creditors

Many small businesses are unable to collect the money they are owed. Fortunately, businesses can explore several options for increasing collections on past-due accounts. It is important to determine what type of debtor the owing business is in order to know how best to approach the situation.
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